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Royal Radio is the best place to find headphones and their accessories. We have a wide range headphones and accessories like carrying hard cases, earmuffs, splitters, extension cables, earbuds, jacks, adapters and amplifiers. We fulfil needs of music enthusiasts, audiophiles and amateurs. You ask for a thing and we have it.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Music is not complete without a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. We have rated the best pairs and provided authentic and trusted reviews. You will find Royal Radio a definitive guide for your music needs.

Headphone Splitter

Sharing music with your partner or friend is fun. Headphone splitter allows you to connect two headphones with any device which has 3.5 mm jack. It is good to have these inexpensive but essential piece of accessory.


Headphone Amplifier

For all audiophiles, headphone amplifier is definitely a must thing. These gadgets turn your good headphones in amazing ones by delivering pristine quality music. Powered with high precision supply, these are a hit.

Carrying Hard Case

Hard cases are the best protection for your headphones while you carry them. These cases provide safety from any external damage as well as keep your headphones away from dust or scratches. A necessary accessory.


Earbuds & Earpads

For great comfort while extended wearing of headphones, you must have extremely comfortable earbuds or earpads. These accessories provide extra comfort and correct fit block unwanted external noise.

Headphone Extension Cable

While watching your favorite movie or tv show from a distance, an extension cable comes very handy. You must definitely invest in quality extension cable which comes with sturdy and flexible wires.

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Royal Radio brings the best music gadgets, headphones and accessories for you. These premium music gadgets will blow your mind away and burn the hole in your pocket. These are the ultimate “Owner’s Pride, Neighbor’s Envy” products.

Stuart Hughes iPhone5

A limited edition Stuart Hughes iPhone5 is made of sapphire glass, solid gold body, 600 white diamonds and a rare black diamond. It comes with a jaw-dropping price of $15 million. Unbelievable but true.

Lil Wayne Beats by Dr. Dre

If you have the most expensive iPhone, you probably want to buy most expensive headphones too. Diamond studded Lil Wayne from Beats by Dr. Dre are the World’s most expensive pair with the prize tag of $1 million.

Emperor Crown Audio Cable

We have talked about most expensive iPhone and headphones. What about the audio cables? Siltec manufactures Emperor Crown audio cable made of gold and silver with a whopping price of $40,000.